authentic & nutritious urban indian food

Open lunch Tuesday to Friday, Sunday brunch, dinner Tuesday to Sunday
50-60 Station Road, entrance on Mill Park Road, CB1 2JH
Tel: 01223 362041
Email: We will be closed over the festive season, back open on Wednesday 3rd January. Happy New Year to Everyone

About us

At Tawa, what we're trying to promote is wellness inside and out. We take the ayurvedic principle of balance in body and mind and apply this to our cooking. Tawa kitchen moves away from the format of stereotypical Indian restaurants serving heavy dishes concentrating on curry and rice. What we eat at home, and what we will offer at Tawa, is largely plant-based,nutritious and created to fuel you through your day.


Fresh sustainable ideas

At Tawa Kitchen we strive to play our part to support the enviroment around us. We aim to be as green as we possibly can - our bags and coffee cups are made from biodegradable sugar cane which composts within 90 days. We encourage our customers to use and then re-use our recyclable lunch boxes made from wheat fibre.


Three key components


Cooked in front of you, authentic Indian vegetarian, vegan, fish and meat dishes


Fresh and zingy seasonal salad, packed with flavour

Chai bar

Offering tea blends from the classic to the quirky and of course our signature masala chai