tawa kitchen

About Tawa

Tawa is a traditional flat stove used in India on the streets, at home, in restaurants as the core of Indian cooking which is why it forms the basis of Tawa Kitchen's dishes.

At Tawa, what we're trying to promote is wellness inside and out. We take the ayurvedic principle of balance in body and mind and apply this to our cooking. Tawa kitchen moves away from the format of stereotypical India restaurants serving heavy dishes concentrating on curry and rice. What we eat at home and what we will offer at Tawa, is largely plant-based nutritious and created to fuel you your day.

Our Story

Vilas Patel – Founder - I’ve spent nearly 30 years working and living in Cambridge, first as an accountant and then branching out and running my own sandwich shops for the past 15 years.

A lot of my days are spent walking around the city; I never get tired of how beautiful it is and it’s really exciting to see so many new emerging independent cafes and bars flourishing. One thing that I have yet to find is an independent Indian café which cooks the food I had at home when I was little and now cook for my own family (with a modern twist added!). Tawa Kitchen is born out of a wish to share that home cooking with others; the traditional and the inventive to offer something a bit different, exciting and above of lip-smackingly tasty.

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