Vegetarian Thali – Dinner for 2


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Aubergine and Green Beans

Aubergine and fresh Indian beans curry in light tomato gravy.
Allergen: none

Potato with Fenugreek leaves

Baby potato mixed with Gujarati spices consist of dry coriander, Kashmiri chilli and
Allergen: mustard

Dal Soup

This dal soup tingles your taste buds with sweet, spicy and tanginess. This is well complimented with plain basmatic rice. Made from Pigeon peas and consist of lemon, jiggery, ginger and Kashmiri chilli.
Allergen: mustard

Cabbage Sambaro

Lightly cooked Shredded cabbage and carrots with thinly slice green chilli tossed in lemon and fresh coriander.
Allergen: mustard

Cucumber Raita

Refreshing cucumber yogurt with roasted crushed cumin and garlic.
Allergens: milk


Traditional gujarati savory made from chick peas flour and steam cooked with mustards seed tarka.
Allergen: mustard

Dal Bhaji

Bhaji made from mixed lentils and subtle spices (Indian version of falafel)
Allergens: none

Gulab Jamun

Soft, melt-in-your-mouth, fried dumplings that are made of reduced milk and soaked in rose-flavoured sugar syrup
Allergen: wheat, milk


Pickle with raw mangoes, spices
Allergen: mustard

Far Far

Rainbow coloured crisp made from potato and sago
Allergens: none

Puffy Puris

Soft and fluffy puris to company your curries
Allergen: wheat

Basmati rice

Steamed basmati rice
Allergen: none


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